As a child, in the mid 80s, inspired by Latin American and Caribbean music I studied „Accordeon“ as first instrument at „Akademie für Tonkunst“ in Darmstadt Germany. The Frankfurt Trance wave in the early 90s was responsible for my decision to become an electronic music producer. Not knowing how such music was produced, and having no idea what kind of instruments generated such synthetic beats, several years passed before I coincidentally made a discovery that led me into the right direction. Around the 21st century, during the commercial overkill of the Trance genre, which was only a document for the loss of taste and the strong wanted to earn fast money with music in the first place I quit Trance music and concentrated more on Ambient and Electronica music where I`ve always been a fan of. In the early 2000s I met Pete Namlook who was successfully running Fax Records and I started producing my first album „Eisblumen“ for him. Beside that I produced some Lounge albums but quit that genre for the same reason I quit Trance music. So today, Krystian Shek can be associated with the genres of „Ambient/Dub and Electronica“.